Friday, December 08, 2006

Okay, so I have just made very public my embarrassing technophobic inability to operate a simple blog comments system. Apparently i had some feature turned on which meant i had to approve all comments first! I think I've turned it off now... but we'll see.

Thanks to those who emailed to point this out. I'm over the moon to discover that I have readers! (If a little embarrassed to discover it like this.)


Nick said...

I see you're looking for Iraqi opinions for your play about the looting of the Baghdad museum. Have you tried contacting some Iraqi bloggers? Here are a few suggestions: or or

Fin said...

Hi Nick,

Yes I've approached a few. Salam Pax was very helpful and I'm still waiting to hear from Riverbend. Some weren't interested, but I'll cross check your suggestions to see if I've missed anyone. Thanks!