Friday, December 08, 2006

Well that told me didn't it? A week of waiting and daily clicking onto Blogger, eagerly anticipating meaningful contact with my adoring public, and not one single lousy comment! Not even my mother.

That's it now. My site stats telling me I get 600 readers a month (on this site) are clearly propagandist lies from my website provider trying to keep me happily shelling out for the hosting fee. Oh well.

To be fair I didn't really give you much to comment on I suppose. (Though I have no idea who I'm referring to here because I am now offically writing in a vacuum.) But maybe this will bring you out of the woodwork - I'm reproducing this here to see if it rouses any bleats.

I have rather belatedly discovered the excellent Encore Theatre Magazine blog, an anonymous collective of UK theatre industry workers dedicated to writing ascerbic criticism of the business and its output, and with a deliciously wicked sideline in pricking a variety of over-inflated egos (of which in this trade there are quite a few.) Thanks to David Eldridge for pointing them out.

I admire their honesty, albeit safely cloaked, but then what other way is there to go about it in such a small (dare I say ... small-minded? ... no no, wake up ... not here) industry. For what it's worth, I try to keep this blog positive when it comes to passing judgement on other people's creative output, not out of any particular hallowed respect for it, more just because it's so damn easy to get yourself a bad reputation. And when you're in the position of a self-employed writer (one cut above a beggar) then this won't help your chances of making ends meet. Some people thought I sailed a bit close to the wind with that Guardian feature I did earlier this year ... I suppose time will tell.

So although it may appear to readers of this blog (if I had any) that I never go to the theatre, I have in fact seen many of the plays that are being talked about at the moment, I just haven't liked any of them. And as a nice, well-brought-up young man, if I haven't got anything good to say I don't say anything at all. But I admire those that do. It's just a shame that anonymity seems to be a pre-condition ... or are we being self-censoring here? It's our blogosphere after all. Do the big artistic directors read it? Do we care?

What do other writers think? You can comment here.

(Though I won't be checking it every bloody day. You can all piss off. I've got better things to do.)


Lucy said...

Hi Fin,

Couldn't have you being disheartened! I regularly read your comments in the quiet moments now that Locked In has finished.

Besides I am using the sites you find to promote our work now so if nothing else you are helping me!

Keep on writing!


Alison Croggon said...

Hi Fin

I ran my blog for almost two years before people started commenting, so don't be disheartened...

There's been a lot of fuss in Melbourne recently on just this issue. You might find it interesting (or maybe not) - relevant posts at Theatre Notes.

Fin said...

Hi Alison,

Yes I had clocked this going on, albeit briefly as my head's been rather elsewhere lately. What was the outcome? Are you self-censoring more now? Or has the debate it generated been a good-natured one, worth having?