Saturday, February 17, 2007

I've been asked to review some theatre for Resonance FM's theatre magazine show On The Fringe. I was a guest on the show last year when my play Locked In was touring, and now they've asked me back as a critic.

This week, they have sent me to see Stars In The Morning Sky at the Union Theatre, and An Oak Tree at Soho Theatre. They show is going out live this coming Monday at 9pm.

In the spirit of what I have learned on this blog, I shall be trying my best to be generous.


Ben Ellis said...

Drat. Got to this late - any chance of your posting a transcript?

Fin said...

Sorry Ben, there isn't a transcript I'm afraid. But I'm overdue a post on various shows ive seen lately so i might summarise my thoughts in that if i get a chance. So busy right now my feet aren't touching the ground!