Thursday, February 08, 2007

Okay okay so maybe that was a bit much to digest and comment on all in one go. I know you're busy people. The debate's still open if you want to have a stab, but in the meantime, I have discovered some excellent labour-saving websites which might interest you...

My very good friend and dramaturg extraordinaire Sarah Dickenson has nudged me into action on an issue that had been on my To Do List for some time. Some of you will recall Lyn Gardner's (I'm not obsessed with you Lyn, you just keep touching on issues that mean a lot to me) timely post a few weeks back on the rumours of arts funding cuts in the next Arts Council spending review.

Now I know this is a bit boring, which is why it lingered on my Chores List for so long, but it really isn't something any of us can afford to ignore. The Arts Council have just posted this press release on their website in an attempt to galvanise our lazy artistic arses into some sort of action, and this is my attempt to do the same. I've just emailed my MP about it, and I'd suggest you get on the case too if you still want there to be money circulating in this business to pay your commission fees.

To make it easier, you'll be pleased to hear that i have discovered the following brilliant online resources which, through the magic of the internet, finally make Political Activism for The Lazy (or Cynical) a wondrous reality.

They are: - amazing site which searches for your local MP just by you typing in your postcode, then takes you through an easy step-by-step process allowing you to email them directly. So no printing, stamps, trips to the post office or even standing up if you don't want. - similarly genius site which holds all the facts and figures on your MP including how they voted in every parliamentary vote since 2001, transcripts of everything they've ever said in Parliament, which Early Day Motions they've signed, and even their expense accounts.

BUT! The best bit is the alert facility. Just enter your email address and the keywords you're interested in, and you'll get notified every single time those words or phrases are mentioned by anyone in Parliament! For real. I've asked to be notified about 'Arts Council' and 'playwright' (in case any of us get a mention).

Now go and start lobbying. You really have no excuse not to. It's that or go and get a proper job by this time next year.

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Sarah said...

Fin, this is totally excellent, thank you so much for going that extra half-mile.