Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have thought of a new phrase to describe a phenomenon within the new writing business which bedevils many a budding playwright.

When a professional theatre company, director or literary manager expresses an interest in a play you have written, and encourages you to write draft after draft without actually paying you any money, or fully committing to a production, or indeed anything at all, this shall henceforth be known as 'being a script-tease.'

There's a free pair of tickets to How To Disappear for the first reader to use this phrase in a meeting with a literary manager. (The independent verification of which shall be, of course, that they never work with you again.)


Dave W said...

Fantastic stuff. But damn you, Kennedy, script-tease is one of those words I wish I'd come up with. And lots of us have been there, eh?

Brace said...

In case it misses people's attention.

But beware. I'm no Malkovich, I like the Fisk, but he's no theatre citic.

Ben Ellis said...

Dammit. I get back from a meeting and then I read this.