Friday, March 02, 2007

Ooh I’ve been referenced in an article on theatre bloggers in this month’s Writernet magazine. Welcome, if that’s how you found me.

I’ve had a bit of an absence lately due to workload, but I’ve found that a bit of a vicious circle has begun. The longer I leave it to post a blog entry, the more stuff builds up that I feel duty bound to tell you about, and hence the more daunting the task becomes of doing a huge post with all my news. And so I put it off. And then more stuff happens. And then the bigger the job becomes, and frankly the logical outcome is that I never blog again. But a little plug from Writernet has been just the tonic, because the last thing I’d want is lots of excitable new readers coming along to see what I’m about only to find the blog equivalent of a playwright in a Persistent Vegetative State.

So here I am again, wide awake. It’s a miracle.

Having said that, I am still quite busy and not really in a position to give an exhaustive account of everything I’ve been up to because that would quite easily wipe out my weekend. So what I thought I’d do is put this interactive internet thing to good use and give you all a summary of what I’ve been up to, and then you – yes, YOU – can choose what you’d like to hear more about by leaving a request in the Comments box. Of course none of it might interest you at all in which case we’ve saved ourselves a job and we can all go home.

Right then, let’s see.

I saw An Oak Tree at Soho Theatre. I saw Stars In The Morning Sky at the Union Theatre. I went on Resonance FM and reviewed both of these. I taught a playwrighting class for Dan Rebellato’s 3rd year Drama students at Royal Holloway. I finally got to see Coram Boy at the NT courtesy of a Mulberry School trip. I had a meeting with the new head of the Red Room, Topher Campbell, and heard all about his vision for the company. I completed a series of two-minute monologues for teenagers for Half Moon Young People’s Theatre, which they had commissioned from me as stimulus pieces for their forthcoming Careers In Theatre day. I read a play by Geraldine Aron called the Donahue Sisters, which one of my A-level classes are rehearsing. I had a workshop on a new play of mine called South Of The River with 2nd year RADA students, courtesy of the inspirational Lloyd Trott. I went to Sheffield Crucible for one day of rehearsals of my new play How To Disappear Completely & Never Be Found. I had an occupational health appointment at Tower Hamlets Borough Council. I experimented with the idea of a pre-nuptial Bengali Mehndi Party as a possible location for my new play for Mulberry School, which I am writing for the students to perform at the Edinburgh Festival this summer. I signed a contract with Venue 45 in Edinburgh as the theatre where we will perform it.

There. Take your pick.


jihan said...

Ooo, I like this. It feels very much like Choose Your Own Adventure.

I'd like to hear more about the workshops with Lloyd and the RADA students. I'm also very interested to hear how the reheasals for How To Disappear went, particularly considering the role it has played in your career so far.

Will said...

Sheffield rehearsals!
And your Edinburgh project. How many teenagers from conservative families are you responsible for in debauched Edinburgh?

Fin said...

Funny you should both ask after Sheffield - it's all good, but been called up there at late notice this week to do some emergency dramaturgy on a problematic bit of script. But will tell you more (about that and the others) when I get back. Sorry to keep you waiting again!