Monday, April 23, 2007

A big Thank You to the West End Whingers for a great bash on Saturday night. It was fascinating to meet some of the faces behind the blogs, including JMC, Lance, John, Stephen, Natasha, Ben Y, Ben E and of course the Whingers themselves, as delightfully irreverent in life as they are in print.

In the end I was having such a good time I lost track of it, and had to rush for the last train back to provincial Greenwich. So apologies to anyone I failed say goodbye to.

JMC and I had an interesting chat about how long it would be before theatre marketing departments take bloggers seriously enough to put them on the press night list (not that that's why we do it of course). It was great to feel part of a burgeoning group of like-minded people, and to consolidate a bit of a network of what felt like the nearest thing to 'colleagues' us freelancers get. I think these sorts of links are going to become increasingly important if we're not going to be divided and ruled by the looming Olympic-sized juggernaut ...

(More on that soon - I have been ruminating. Is that what cows do?)

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