Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just noticed this thread over at Guardian blogs about the 35% cut to ACE's Grants for the Arts scheme. I'm about to become a beneficiary of this scheme through the grant recently awarded to Matt Peover and Liquid Theatre for our Jacobean project, so I feel moved to write.

I've left my own comment because it didn't seem like anyone was taking David Jubb up on his kind offer of space at BAC to host an industry meeting to formulate a response. Maybe I'm out of touch and some sort of meeting is planned (if anyone knows, please tell me). But if nothing's being done, then I really think it would be timely to look into forming some sort of rapid response group within the industry to protest about these cuts as they happen.

This first one is just a shot across the bows. As the Olympic juggernaut thunders ever closer, there'll be a lot more like it, and we should be prepared.


Jon said...

Hey Fin. The Devoted & Disgruntled group have been pretty active on this:

The conversation that's been taking place there shows how frighteningly quick developments have been over the last week.

Please How To... has been going so well. Looking forwrad to seeing it on Friday.

Fin said...

Thanks Jon. That link seems to want some kind of password and signup to to a 60 day trial... then when i sign up it tells me group is closed to new members!

Is there anywhere more public this is taking place? Seems daft to have it behind closed doors.

Jon said...

Hmmmm. Technology, innit.

And the fact that the corporate bloodsuckers never miss an opportunity to make a dollar.

Will investigate how or if it's possible to access it.