Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Three stars in today's Times, and our first 'literalist' review from Jeremy Kingston.

I hadn't blogged about this before because I didn't want to upset the people involved, but the night when The Times were in suffered from a technical hitch which meant that two short scenes from Act Two got cut. The professionalism of everyone involved was superb and they carried on regardless, and unless you knew the play I don't think you'd have noticed. But it does account for Kingston's criticisms of Act Two, which has a much more satisying shape than he actually got to see.

It doesn't, however, account for his problem with the metaphysical side of the play. His 'serious puzzlement' demonstrates which side this reviewer's theatrical bread is buttered. It reminds me of comments I got from the former head of the theatre where the play was first developed, during the meeting where she turned it down: 'Is he dead or is he alive? Make your mind up.'

No! It's about the thin membrane between life and death ... Baudrillardian hyper-reality ... going missing as an existential metaphor for ... oh forget it. Go and watch Mamma Mia and leave us all in peace. Or would you rather we all wrote plays like Eastenders?

Still waiting on the Telegraph, Independent and Observer. Come on guys, the battle lines are drawn, dare to show us where you stand.

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