Friday, August 10, 2007

Can't stop, but just to say Mehndi Night has had some fab reviews.

The Guardian here
The Herald here
And Statler of View From The Stalls fame here.

So happy!


Andrew said...

Many congrats, Poster Boy.

I note that Ms Gardner describes Fin Kennedy as "the rising young playwright whose How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found is one of the best new plays of the year so far."

Is that the same Ms Gardner who described the West End Whingers (from memory) as "brilliantly funny"?

Hope so, as she is a woman of great discernment.

Now, don't go getting all grand (I get enough of that from Phil since he got quoted in The Guardian) and remember who invited you to their party when you were no-one.

Stick with us Fin and we'll claw our way right to the top.


Fin said...

Andrew, I learned everything I know at that party ... x