Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My play UNSTATED for The Red Room opens at Southwark Playhouse tonight! I've done a blog about it for Guardian blogs here, plus a couple of interviews here and here.

If you want to come and see it you'll have to be quick - it's only on in London for 10 days, then doing a few nights in Manchester and Liverpool.


Lee said...

Five of us from Southern California are booking "Stolen Secrets". Your link to the Mulberry School for Girls is broken--can you tell us a little bit about the school and the young women?--Lee

Fin said...

Hi Lee,

Sorry for the delay in responding - life is incredibly hectic right now. Glad you're coming to see Stolen Secrets. If you want to know more about Mulberry School their website is here, i gather it has changed since i made the link on my website so thanks for the tip:

Best wishes,