Monday, August 17, 2009

We have two more lovely reviews for The Unravelling, both of which really capture the beauty of the girls' performances:

The British Theatre Guide here, and the hard-working and ever-reliable Statler of View From The Stalls here.

Got home late yesterday after an emotional full-company meal the night before (such a lovely do, all the kids get personalised speeches and gifts) so having a well-earned rest for a while, but what a week. We were turning people away in the final sell-out shows and could easily have filled a month-long run. It's really exciting that this has happened to a state school in one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK - such an endorsement of the work (theirs as much as mine) and raises everything to a whole new level, potentially opening all sorts of possibilities for where we go next (e.g. I found out at the awards do that getting a Fringe First means you are automatically shortlisted for further awards to take the show to New York or Adelaide! Watch this space...)

If Carslberg ran schools, they would be like Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets.

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