Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!!! But the real question is: Is anyone still there?

My site stats say I'm still in double figures, but after the comment on my previous post linking to that Chinese arse site I have to wonder whether that figure isn't somewhat inflated by those people that have been hacking into Google.

Anyway, I could tell you about all sorts of stuff, but it would be a bit of a waste of time if no-one was there. But in the past, when I've put out a call asking my readers to make themselves known, and for your suggestions for what you'd like to see me blog about, then the tumbleweed has whistled through my comments box. It must be because you're all very shy. (It can't possibly be because I don't have any readers.)

So I've had an idea.

See that poll function thing on the right? I've finally decided how to use it. If enough of you click Yes then that's how I'll know it's worth bothering to write an extended post. (I haven't decided how many is enough, but to be honest, I'll be amazed if it gets above 10.) Think of it as a doorbell. If enough people ding it I might just come out.

By the way, if it rockets up to 30 or 40 within a day or two then I'll know it's you, Mother, pressing it repeatedly.

Right then. I'm going back to bed.