Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Battalions at the Edinburgh Fringe

Exciting news - my ongoing In Battalions campaign and the Delphi study it has evolved into will be making a late notice appearance at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

We will also be exclusively revealing the ideas submitted for the Delphi study longlist, and launching the voting process in which there is an open invitation for all theatre professionals to get involved. Press are welcome to attend.

The talk will take place as part of a scheduled Writers' Guild event on Monday 19 August, 3pm at Fringe Central. In Battalions is closely affiliated to the Writers' Guild, who have supported the campaign throughout. Both I and my researcher Helen Campbell Pickford have been invited to speak at their EdFringe event. We're particularly grateful to Julie Ann Thomason, the Guild's Scottish Rep, for helping make this a reality.

Tickets are free but you do need to book. Here's the listing on the EdFringe site. The event will be preceded by the Fringe Fair, at which the Guild will have a stall, which I will also be helping man from 11am-3pm if you want to come and find me for a chat (or to assassinate me, if you work for the DCMS).

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) is the TUC-affiliated union for writers negotiating minimum contract terms with the BBC, ITV, PACT, TMA, ITC and others; lobbying for writers in Westminster, Edinburgh and Brussels; advising and representing members over work issues and informing and communicating with the writing community. The Guild punches well above its weight in terms of national profile and negotiating achievements, and all with a core staff of about five people. I'm a relatively new member, but I've been hugely impressed with them as an organisation, and the benefits of joining. At the Fringe Fair you can find out more – and sign up.

The In Battalions talk straight afterwards at 3pm will be an overview of the sort of campaign which Guild membership can bring about, and which the Guild will support proactive members in initiating. In my case, it was through attending one of the regular Guild events in Parliament which led to my meeting Ed Vaizey in the first place. The Guild then supported me by paying for the costs of the postal mailout of surveys to theatres, and in disseminating and promoting the report on their website, in their weekly email bulleting and in the Guild magazine, all of which go out to their thousands of members.

Our talk at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe will give an overview of the campaign so far. We will also be launching the voting process for the Delphi study, the campaign's next stage - and for which there is an open invitation for all theatre professionals to get involved. Helen and I will be revealing the 36 (36!) ideas we have had submitted for the study's longlist, and explaining how to get involved in voting on them. This is with a view to collating the results in the September and publishing a new report, containing the full findings of this new consultation process on how to protect risk-taking on new work, despite the dire economic circumstances. 

Please help us disseminate news of this important event. The more people take part in the Delphi voting process, the more credibility the study will have.

And if you make it along on 19th August, do come and say hello!

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