Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The latest from our Culture Minister Mr Ed Vaizey

I have finally had a response from Culture Minister Ed Vaizey to my last letter of 18 June
My 18 June letter was basically demolishing Vaizey's letter of 18 April (which itself tried to demolish In Battalions). Four months then passed and I chased him up about it on Twitter last week. He said he had responded on 4 July, but for some reason I never received it. 
Anyway, here it is. 
It is a lot more conciliatory than his last one, which is something. I'm inclined to leave it at this ... what do you all think? The Delphi study is ongoing and in a way the campaign has evolved beyond a row with Ed Vaizey. But it sounds like we might at least have made a small imprint on his thinking.
I should also add that I have had no approach from ACE about the meeting Vaizey says in this letter he has suggested. I'm not sure what the point would be now - they know all about this and have been quite supportive. But it would be interesting if anyone thinks otherwise, and that we should go and see them.