Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Possibly a result

I wasn't able to go to the Performers' Parliamentary Alliance Reception at the Commons this year. (It was at last years' one where I had the conversation with Ed Vaizey which led to In Battalions). But it was held again last night, and several people have told me that Ed Vaizey made a speech in which he specifically named that conversation, and the In Battalions report, as the reason behind the recently-announced consultation on tax breaks for new plays and regional touring announced in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement. 

A few people on Twitter had speculated about this, but it's quite a result to have it confirmed. (I'm trying to find a link with reference to Vaizey's mention of it yesterday, without any luck so far. Let me know if you spot one. The main news report about the Autumn Statement from The Stage can be read here.) 

Before we get too excited, we need to remember that it is still just a consultation, and we will need to keep the pressure up for the idea to become a reality. There is also likely to be all sorts of devil in the detail, but even so, I think we can allow ourselves a little moment....

Thank you to everyone who took part in the study, and enabled the campaign to get such a head of steam. Who said political lobbying was pointless? For all the bluster, it looks like they did listen in the end. Maybe they were listening all along? Politicians remain a bit of a mystery to me. But together we really are stronger. 

Let's hope the Delphi study - out next month - makes a similar impact. 

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